Friday, January 13, 2012

Bad Juju by Randy Chandler -- now available from Acid Grave Press

The latest e-book offering from Acid Grave Press is the modern horror classic Bad Juju by Randy Chandler. Now available from Amazon in a bright and shiny Kindle edition (other stores/formats coming soon), Chandler's debut novel is a stunning example of small-town horror. (Cover by Bob Freeman.)

Dark forces are afoot in Vinewood, Georgia, a deceptively sleepy town where the dead don't stay dead and a sinkhole is as sinister as it is deadly. Violent events both natural and supernatural build to a chaotic crescendo of horrors that will threaten the entire town and everyone in it.

An odd handful of townsfolk put their lives on the line to save the town — but the darkness may swallow them up before they have a chance.

"Hot and thick, the atmosphere reeks of earth, blood, and decay. The astringent air carries with it a sense of malevolence and resentment. No matter where you look, no matter how shallow you breathe, this town will touch you."
—Kelly Tomblin, Horror-Web

Randy Chandler is the author of Daemon of the Dark Wood, the forthcoming mystery novel Dime Detective, and HELLz BELLz. He also co-authored Duet for the Devil with the late t. Winter-Damon and has contributed short stories to numerous anthologies, including Acid Grave's own Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories. Randy has been a magazine editor/publisher, a freelance book reviewer, a mental health worker, a gas-pump jockey, an ambulance attendant, a soldier in Vietnam, and a funeral home flunky. He often haunts fields of carnage where angels and devils do battle.