Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Prices on Some Old Favorites

We here at Acid Grave Press have lowered the prices on some of our best sellers.

David T. Wilbanks's sword and sorcery novella Hellfighter and Randy Chandler's modern horror classic Bad Juju are now each priced at only $2.99.

And the book that started it all, our "heavy metal horror" anthology Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories, can be had for only 99 cents!


Q: What happens when heavy music inspires dark fiction?

A: Hard and heavy stories.

The concept behind Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories is simple: 63,000 words' worth of horror and dark fantasy inspired by the authors' favorite hard rock and heavy metal bands. From the music of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest (of course), and others come exciting tales of zombies, ghosts, wizards, serial killers, and more. You don't have to like hard and heavy music to enjoy these stories -- you just have to like well-written, hard-rocking genre tales.


Dark forces are afoot in Vinewood, Georgia, a deceptively sleepy town where the dead don't stay dead and a sinkhole is as sinister as it is deadly. Violent events both natural and supernatural build to a chaotic crescendo of horrors that will threaten the entire town and everyone in it.

An odd handful of townsfolk put their lives on the line to save the town—but the darkness may swallow them up before they have a chance.

"Hot and thick, the atmosphere reeks of earth, blood, and decay. The astringent air carries with it a sense of malevolence and resentment. No matter where you look, no matter how shallow you breathe, this town will touch you." -- Kelly Tomblin, Horror-Web


Pleasure-seeking vagabond, Caddoc, falls madly in love with a saucy tavern wench. Then she disappears, carried off by the mysterious army of evil creatures known as drakuli, her town burnt to the ground. Now Caddoc, joined by a wise old monk and a cocky demon, must literally travel to Hell and back on his quest for true love.

Filled with horrifying creatures, dark magic, and intense battle scenes, Hellfighter is a fantasy novella any sword & sorcery fan will not want to miss.

"David T. Wilbanks gives us a welcome return to my kind of old-school heroic fantasy. Earthy characters, epic fight scenes and more fun than a barrel of monkeys." -- William Meikle, author of Berserker and The Chronicles of Augustus Seton

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